Technical Bulletin: Athlete Waivers, Age Verification Forms and Medical Data Records

To All Clubs,

We would like to remind everyone that for the upcoming 2012-2013 season Gymnastics Ontario has a few important items to remember surrounding Athlete Waivers, Age Verification Forms and Medical Data Records.

Athlete Waivers – It is no longer required to send Athlete Waivers to Gymnastics Ontario unless requested for those athletes traveling with a Team Ontario delegation.  All athlete waivers should still be completed and verified by the club contacts and archived at the club level.

Age Verification Forms – Gymnastics Ontario no longer requires clubs to send in athlete verification forms, passports, birth certificates or anything of the like.  Verification is completed by the club in IVRnet and clubs are held responsible for ensuring that the ages in the system are accurate.  Clubs should verify all ages prior to registering athletes into IVRnet.

Medical Data Records – These records are only due to Gymnastics Ontario when traveling with a Team Ontario delegation.  However, all athletes should still complete the medical waiver form and coaches should have this information on them at all Ontario competitions in case of emergency.

We hope that these changes help to simplify the registration process for all clubs.

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