Men’s Artistic September Technical Bulletin

Age Determination

For the 2013–14 competitive season, the gymnast’s age will be determined on September 1, 2013. This change is required to bring Ontario inline with changes to the GCG Rules and Regulations.

* A gymnast born on August 31, 2003 will be in the 10–12 Age group.
* A gymnast born on September 2, 2003 will be in the 8–9 Age Group.


The FIG rule regarding dark coloured longs, will not be enforced in Ontario. NOTE: the above rule ** will** be enforced at Elite Canada. Clubs who plan on attending Elite Canada must ensure that their gymnasts are appropriately attired as per GCG regulations.

As per GCG rules, it is now prohibited to wear the National Team Uniform unless representing Team Canada at an official event.

Therefore, all gymnasts and coaches must be in club attire at Tour Selection, Ontario Qualifiers, Elite Canada and Ontario Championships.

Elite Categories at First Ontario Qualifier

All GCG Elite Categories will compete at the First Ontario Qualifier in January. Ontario Elite coaches requested participation at this qualifier to better prepare their gymnasts for the February Elite Canada.

New Gymnastics Canada Program

The Ontario Men’s Technical Committee (MTC) has received the final GCG document and is now finalizing changes to our Ontario Program. As noted above, we have already switched the age determination date to September 1st to bring us in-line with GCG.

The MTC also wants to ensure that our Ontario Age Groups transition seamlessly into the GCG Age Groups. Therefore, changes may have to be made to the Ontario Age Groups.

The MTC is committed to keeping our current Provincial Program in place. Some edits, clarifications, difficulty bonus and additions to the Developmental skills list have already been made. All changes have been made to favour the gymnasts development and to reward the extra effort put forth by gymnasts and coaches.

National Youth has been renamed Provincial 5 and will no longer attend Canadian Championships. Participation in Eastern Championships will continue.

National Open will continue to participate in Canadian Championships and the team size has been increased to eight (8).

Men’s Tour

The Men’s Ontario Tour Teams will be attending the Cancun Classic in Mexico from January 16 to 19, 2014.

Tour Selection will be on December 7, 2013 at the Burlington BGs. USA Rules will be used at this event.

All registered Gymnastics Ontario Provincial and higher athletes are eligible to tryout for the Ontario Tour Team.

Each team will consist of six athletes and one Team Coach / Manager per team for the following levels:

  • Level 9 (13–14 years)
  • Level 10 (15–16 years)
  • Level 10 (17–18 years)

More information regarding this event will be circulated when available.

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