GO Rhythmic Gymnastics Program Clarifications – April 2014

Please find below clarification of concerns which have been brought by Head Judge of  PQ2 of this season.

NOTE: All of the following remarks will be applied in the Provincial Championships and Rhythm Fest without any exceptions.

Clarification for provincial championships and Rhythm Fest:
1.Group routine length time will follow current year table – no exemptions for duets.
2. mastery:
In regards to repetition of apparatus manipulation for mastery – fundamental vs other.

In the code itself, as well as in the help desk letter from November 2013 at the bottom of page 4 you will find:

Elements combinations of each apparatus mastery must be different. Fundamental group can be repeated, other groups may be used 1 time. In case of handling ( infinity sign) , each of different apparatus movement may be used once ( e.i as long as handling done differently- circle, passing..etc, handling and only handling can be used more than once)

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