Phoenix Gymnasts Compete at Spring Fling

(Orangeville)  by Bayshore News Staff

Phoenix Gymnasts Compete strongly at Spring Fling on the weekend in Orangeville, ON.

Several athletes from GBPGA competed this past weekend in Orangeville and came away with impressive results.  Highlights from the weekend with AA results are below.

Earning First place overall in their respective category were:
Joselyn Wright, age 9, level 1; Rachel Ledingham age 12, level 2; Amelia Jensen age 10, level 3;Taryn Strutt, age 11, level 4; Abby Moore, age 14+, level 4; Amelia Arciszewski age 13, level 6

Earning Second Place overall in their respective category were:
Kassie Long, age 10, level 2; Natalie Urquhart, age 10, level 4; Bella Casemore, age11, level 4; Olivia Daniels, age 11, level 6

Earning Third Place overall in their respective category were:
Grace Hynds, age 9, level 1; Lauren Lackner, age 1o, level 2; Lauryn Rettinger, age 10, level 3; Paige Ballantyne, age 11, level 3; Sydney Sanderson, age 13, level 3; Bella Sutherland, age 10, level 4; Wanda Downs, age 12, level 4; Lauren Davidson, age 14, level 4

Earning fourth place overall in their respective category were:
Lauren MacDonald, age 10, level 4; Gaby Madill, age 11, level 2

Earning Fifth place overall placing in their respective category were:
Kylie McCutcheon, age 10, level 4

Several Competitors age 7&8 from GBPGA also competed over the weekend, but due to Gymnastics Ontario rules and guidelines we cannot report on individual results. All of the following athletes competed strong and represented the club and are strongly.
Julia McCutcheon, Kianna O’Leary, Brooke MacWilliam, Rachel Urquhart, Rowan Thomas, Eden MacLean & Elyse Hartley.

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