Gymnastics Ontario seeks host for new Ontario Gymnaestrada

gymnaestrada3Gymnastics Ontario is pleased to announce we are seeking a host for the 2016 Ontario Gymnaestrada to be held in the summer of 2016.

Although relatively undeveloped in Canada, these types of non-competitive national and international performance events for gymnasts of all ages and skill levels have been held globally for many years.  In classic Gymnaestradas, performances may be done indoors or outdoors, and may include traditional competitive gymnastics elements and apparatus from Men’s & Women’s artistic gymnastics, Rhythmic, Acro, Aerobic and Trampoline gymnastics, as well as non-traditional movement types such as rope skipping, cheerleading, Aboriginal dance and more.  The few rules that exist normally relate to the length of the performances and the number of performers, which means that it is possible to endlessly explore and push the boundaries of gymnastics.
Many clubs are already participating in this discipline (Gymnastics For All) through their own club shows, demonstrations and Gymfests. Now our own Ontario Gymnaestrada will provide an additional performance opportunity to help encourage athletes of all ages and skill levels to remain in the sport and find joy in training and performance. This event will also promote and increase awareness of the sport in the wider community, provide coaches and athletes an opportunity to participate in educational workshops and provide feedback to clubs and coaches who wish to attend future Canadian and World Gymnaestrada events.
More technical information will follow in bulletins closer to the event. Hosting documents can be found at
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