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Annual General Meeting and Conference

The Annual General Meeting offers member clubs the opportunity to have a direct impact on the direction and decision-making of the Federation. Most importantly, the member clubs will have the chance to vote on the motions that come before the membership and elect the Gymnastics Ontario Board of Directors.


The Annual Conference is designed to provide club administrators/owners/presidents the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and receive up to date information on legal matters, insurance, membership registration, marketing and promotion ideas, and much, much more.


2018-2024 Strategic Plan


2018 50th Anniversary Annual General Meeting and Conference


2017-2018 Annual Report

2018 Plenary Agenda

2018 Annual General Meeting Agenda

Announcement and Detailed Information

Voting and Election Package

Conference Registration Form

Banquet Ticket Order Form

Voting Authorization Form


2017 Annual General Meeting and Conference

Legislative Requirements for Small Business

Sanction Protocols

Strategic Plan Update


Annual General Meeting Minutes

2010 Annual General Meeting Minutes

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Annual Reports

2010-2011 Annual Report

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