Allison Tanaka Receives Recognition Award

Allison has been a committed member of Gymnastics Ontario for well over a decade as an athlete, coach, judge and most recently the Trampoline and Tumbling Program Manager.


As the T & T Manager, Allison always goes out of her way to go the extra mile, working well beyond her expectations for everyone, from replying to the many emails in a kind, compassionate way, to making sure everything runs smoothly at provincial competitions.   Allison can always be depended upon to complete any task or help solve any challenge because she is extremely knowledgeable, calm, patient and understanding.


Allison has a unique passion for trampoline and has been instrumental in shaping the sport through her work on the Gymnastics Ontario Technical Committee where she has advocated for a number of changes to the technical regulations to improve the way in which competitions are run in Ontario.  Her initiative to obtain a horizontal displacement machine has simplified judging in Ontario and made our competitions more professional.


Allison continues to help athletes improve both on the trampoline, through her insightful coaching, and off the trampoline, through her newfound passion for pilates, where she is applying her knowledge to help strengthen athletes for the unique demands of the sport.