Amber Tait Recognized with Coach of the Year Award

Amber’s involvement and experiences as a competitive athlete and her passionate love of the sport are reflected daily in her hard work, incredible energy and technical expertise as a coach.  Whether choreographing individual, trio or group routines, crafting music selection especially suited to every athlete and group, or motivating athletes to strive to be the best they can be, Amber generates her joy and enthusiasm to all.


She is always willing to share her knowledge and expertise with others, readily helping other clubs, coaches and athletes new to the sport, and encouraging their involvement in Aerobics.


Her coaching credentials and qualifications reflect her desire to seek greater knowledge and achieve higher personal coaching development goals.  Her desire to become a better coach for her athletes is reflected by recently becoming certified as a provincial aerobics judge.  She seeks out advice and listens to other coaches and judges, implements the latest trends in routine compositions, ideas for skill progressions, conditioning and warm-up.


The joy, enthusiasm and team-work displayed by the aerobic athletes is a reflection of Amber’s incredible energy and ability to motivate athletes to excel and achieve goals, to instill positive self-image and values through hard work and a love for what you do.