Bill Rhoads Honored with Gymnastics Ontario Life Membership

Bill Rhoads has been involved with the sport of gymnastics for more than 40 years.  Many members know Bill as the NCCP guru, Ontario’s Master Coach Developer and a mittful of other titles.  What many people do not realize is when the courses end and the students leave, Bill’s work is just beginning.  The volunteer administrative duties related to Coach Development which he has performed over three decades can be easily represented by the dozens of crates that fill his office and vehicle.


Over the decades, during ongoing changes from the Coaching Association of Canada and NCCP, Bill has been relentless in ensuring that the content being delivered to Ontario coaches was, and is, current.  Through the years, the lion’s share of this administrative work has been accomplished on his own time and often at his own expense.


As a volunteer, he has worked closely with Gymnastics Ontario Education Managers tackling the administrative duties associated with never ending changes.  He has authored countless enhancement information packages that have undoubtably connected the dots during the many NCCP transitions.


Bill is also a former volunteer Chairperson of the Men’s Technical Committee of Gymnastics Ontario and was a member of the Gymnastics Ontario Standards and Ethics Committee for many years.


Above all, Bill has been a mentor for thousands of coaches during his tenture – continuing to guide them and help them navigate the NCCP system – even after the courses end.