Bob and Kate Minor Receive Club Builder Award

Bob Minor has served the Kingston Aeros in a leadership position for eight years.  He has been a member of the Board in various positions over the years, including Treasurer and President.  Bob is forward thinking and proactive, always looking for ways to improve efficiency with financial processes and other aspect of the business.  Bob serves as Meet Director, managing all important details that go into hosting competitions.  He also assists with training camps and offsite events.


Kate Minor has made a significant contribution to our club by coordinating the weekly Bingo fundraiser, instrumental in raising $30,000.00 over the past two years.   Her responsibilities including scheduling volunteers, coordinating training, liaising with the Bingo Hall, tracking and reporting on volunteer hours and funds raised.  Kate also volunteers with training camps, competitions and numerous other responsibilities that arise.


Bob and Kate are the first to step up and fill vacant shifts.  Their tireless commitment to these events has helped us to raise our profile and significantly contributed to fundraising for Kingston Aeros.  They are both dedicated, reliable and cheerful pillars of our club.