Corena Francoeur Awarded the Terri Parsons Customer Service Award

Every well run gymnastics club requires an individual who is well organized while offering support and guidance to help better the needs of the club and it’s staff.  Corena Francoeur has been committed to the growth and success of Twisters Gymnastics Club for over 20 years.  Corena not only handles the day to day operations, she remains focused on the long term planning of the club.

She understands the organization as a whole, having been a parent of a Provincial gymnasts as well as serving as club President for two years, before taking on the role of registrar which lead to a full time position as Club Administrator.

Corena has exceptional organizational skills.  Her skill set includes registration (over 1,000 members), budgeting, payroll, NCCP documentation, fund raising and managing our participation parents program.

Corena has learned the fine art of communication with the parents, creating complete information packages, yearly calendars for recreational and provincial gymnasts and a well organized participating parent program.  She is very patient with new parents, understanding of various blended families who require specialized communication.

Corena is a valuable asset to Twisters Gymnastics Club and the community of gymnastics.  She has helped us grow into the successful club that we are today.