Curt Bladon Honored with Club Builder Award

Curt has served many roles at Bluewater Gymnastics over the last 10 years and has led the club as President for the last six years.


Curt’s professional training as an engineer benefitted the club as it positioned for expansion and redesign.  Curt drafted a creative plan that will benefit the future of the club as it grows to meet the needs of our community.  Curt’s professionalism assisted the club connect with the decision makers at City Hall whenever we needed some upgrade or repair work.  His presentations were effective in encouraging council to allocate limited resources to the benefit of the club.


He has been a leader in terms of demonstrating that parents need to support the club for it to be successful and as a result we have very high volunteer participation from our parents.  Curt enhances the volunteer experience by being genuinely enthusiastic and interested in all of the families and by being personable and optimistic.


Curt is never too busy to help out; he is the biggest cheerleader in the stands for all Bluewater gymnasts.  He is a trusted resource for new parents.


Curt is a true builder.  Bluewater Gymnastics will continue to grow and succeed well into the future due to the work and dedication of Curt Bladon.