Dawn Izzard is Recognized with Customer Service Award

Dawn Izzard has been with the Burlington Gymnastics Club for over 25 years and her name is synonymous with ‘gymnastics’ and ‘Burlington Gymnastics Club’.  Dawn is the individual who liaises with the City of Burlington, the schools, community groups and other Gymnastics Ontario clubs to participate in events, promotions and seminars that will enhance and better the sport of gymnastics in the Burlington community and beyond.


Dawn brings warmth and passion to her role as Recreation Director, happily greeting new parents, gently allaying nervous children arriving to try gymnastics for the first time, and greeting visitors young and old with a sunny disposition.


She is also extremely helpful to her staff and consistently encourages Gymnastics Ontario programming to occur at the club for the benefit of networking and professional development.


To have this eager and kind approach to others, truly shows her love for her chosen career and the sport of gymnastics.