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Flip: Book Our Mascot!

TH1_2615Gymnastics Ontario is pleased to introduce our mascot, Flip!


Please read the page below to find out how and when to book Flip. (Note: Gymnastics Ontario provides the Flip costume only — the club is responsible for acquiring an “actor”)


To book Flip, Click Here to download and fill out Flip’s booking form.



Please email the completed form to our Recreation Coordinator: and we will let you know if he is available!



Flip’s Story


Flip recently came to our planet from a galaxy far away. Alone and unused to our atmosphere, Flip found himself a bit wobbly and very lonely. Looking to improve his balance here on earth, he decided to sign up for a gymnastics class.


Not only did Flip learn some cool new skills, he also made new friends in the process. Naturally shy, Flip found himself coming out of his shell and gains confidence with each day in the gym. Now Flip is buoyant in more ways than one and thinks gymnastics is out of this world!


FLIP’s personality and story will evolve as he spends more time “here on earth”. But the core message that gymnastics is a foundational sport that benefits kids physically, psychologically and socially will remain steadfast.





Why book Flip?


  • Flip is an exciting and engaging way to show rather than tell children and their parents the numerous benefits of gymnastics. Flip’s story & personality document how gymnastics can help kids gain fundamental movement skills, make friends and gain confidence through a recreational gymnastics class
  • As a gender neutral & clumsy alien, Flip helps to dispel some of the most common gymnastics myths. Namely, that gymnastics is dangerous, niche and feminine. Flip shows kids that anyone can do gymnastics
  • Flip is a great way to insert gymnastics into the minds of parents looking to get their kids active, especially parents with little or no knowledge of the sport.


What types of events would Flip love to attend?



  • Gymnastics (all disciplines) competitions: invitationals, in house meets, qualifiers etc.
  • Annual Galas or Gymfests
  • Community events promoting physical activity
  • Sport summits/expos
  • Fitness challenges
  • School events promoting physical literacy


How much does Flip cost to rent?


  • Flip is free!
  • We do require a security deposit of $500 that will only be charged if there is significant damage to or soiling of the costume. A valid credit card number is required as part of the booking request form.


Who can play Flip?



  • Any adult between the heights of 5’4” and 5’8”, weighs between 120 and 140lbs who comfortably fits into the costume and agrees to follow all of the Flip Handbook Guidelines
  • We suggest using a parent or coach volunteer who is comfortable doing basic gymnastics skills (Note: Flip is a recreational gymnast, so skills should be limited to the basics of CanGym levels 1-3. Ex/ walking, hanging, log rolling, jumping)


How do I book Flip for my event?


Click Here to download and fill out Flip’s booking form. Please email the completed form to our Recreation Coordinator:


How, when and where do I return Flip?



  • As GO is granting Flip as a free resource for clubs, you are responsible for pick up and drop off of the Flip handbook, costume and container. These three things must be returned to the Gymnastics Ontario Office within 5 days of your scheduled event.


Can I ship the Flip costume back to the Gymnastics Ontario Office?


  • Yes, provided the club pays for shipping.