Club Administration Forms


Sport Injury Report Form

GameDay Sport Accident Claim Form

Insurance Certificate Request Form



Conflict of Interest Form

Non-Disclosure Declaration Form

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Award Nomination Form 

EdBrougham Club App Form 

Personal Record Long Service Recognition 

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Order Forms

CanGym Order Form

Jagwear – Women’s Order Form

Jagwear – Trampoline and Tumbling Men’s Order Form

Jagwear – Men’s Measuring Chart

Jagwear – Men’s Order Form

Team Ontario Jacket Order Form


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Membership Registration Forms

Application For NEW Club, 2017-2018

Unattached Judge Supporter Coach Member Registration Form, 2016-2017

Competitive Athlete Medical Data Record, All Seasons

Athlete Return To Play Form

Competitive Athlete and Coach Participant Waiver 2017-2018

Foreign Participant Registration, All Seasons

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NCCP Forms

Pre-CIT Practical Form

Letter of Intent

Coach ID Online Application

GF Coach Evaluation Package

Competition 1 (Intro) Coach Evaluation Package

Level 2 Practical Form

Level 3 Practical Form

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Forms for Competition

WAG Call to Meet Template


T&T Call to Meet Template

MAG Call to Meet Template

ACRO & AER Call to Meet Template

CP-001 Coach Verification Form

Fit to Compete Form

Meet Director’s Report Form

Petition Policy Application

Program Oaths

Note: Host Clubs please also see the Competition Hosting section, which can be found under each discipline’s page
Scoring System (MAG/WAG)  – Information for Clubs attending Competitions


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Sanction Forms

GCG Travel Authorization Form A_version 2

2017-2018 ACROAERO Bid to Host

2017-2018 Combined Artistic Ontario Championships Bid to Host

2017-2018 GFA Bid to Host

2017-2018 MAG Bid to Host

2017-2018 RG Bid to Host

2017-2018 Trampoline & Tumbling Bid to Host

2017-2018 WAG Bid to Host

WAG Competition – 17-18 Summary Changes for Host Club

GCG International Competition Authorization Form H_version 2

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Team Ontario and Travelling Team Forms

Application for Team Manager

Coach / Manager Competition Trip Report

Coach / Manager Athlete Evaluation Form

Consent for Travelling Minors

Team Ontario Jacket Order Form

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Technical Committee Forms

Committee Minutes Template

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Coaches Inquiry Form

Coaches Protest Form

Judging Forms

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Ontario Cup Registration Fee Refund Request Form

Competitive Level Category Changes for MAG

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DD card – Level 1-4 TRA 2017

DD Card – Level 1-4 DMT 2017

DD card – Level 1-4 TUM 2017

DD Card – Level 5 to Senior TRA 2017

DD Card – Level 5 to Senior DMT 2017

DD Card – Level 5 to Senior TUM 2017

Athlete Withdrawal Form

Judging Honorarium Form T & T 2015-2016

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RG Scripting Program – Please contact RG Coordinator at

RG Scoring Program – Please contact RG Coordinator at

RG JR Competition Report

AGG JR Competition Report

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