Graeme Huffman Awarded Gymnastics Ontario Recognition Award

Graeme has devoted his life to the sport of trampoline.  He started as an athlete and began coaching at just sixteen years of age.  In addition to coaching the competitive team at Kingston Aeros for the last 25 years, Graeme is a Provincial and National judge and is the Coaching Chair of the Technical Committee.

He helps to coordinate and run clinics at training camps and plays an essential role in successfully hosting competitions.

Graeme has a full time career working in IT, but spends almost all other waking hours late into the evenings and over every weekend in our gym.  He uses his vacation days to travel to Provincial and National competitions with his athletes, and to act as a judge for Provincial, Interclub, Elite Ontario and National competitions.  He uses his statutory holidays to perform maintenance on equipment at the gym.  His commitment is unrivaled.

Graeme is dedicated to the growth of the Aeros club and each athlete.  He has helped create a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where our children flourish.  He is also very conscientious with regards to any expenses for equipment which he oversees and services.

He is an incredible mentor to our athletes and is the glue that hold everything together !