Greg Boosey and Scott Middleton receive HP Coach of the Year Award – Acrobatics

Scott Middleton and Greg Boosey arrived at the Oakville Gymnastics Club in January 2015.  They have accomplished some incredible results as they have taken a primarily recreational group of athletes to become true word level competitors.  This year, Scott and Greg had some impressive finishes that have been noticed by the world acro community

2018 World Age Group Championships

Greg and Scott coach 7 out of 10 teams selected by Gymnastics Canada to represent Canada and all of their teams placed in the top two thirds of their categories.  Highlights include:

Junior Women’s Group – 1st reserve in Qualifications and 11th overall

Age 11-16 Mixed Pairs – 4th

Age 11-16 Men’s Pair – 6th

2017 Pan American Championships

Junior Women’s Group – 1st

Age 12-18 Women’s Pair – 2nd

Age 12-18 Women’s Group – 3rd & 4th

Age 11-16 Women’s Group – 3rd

Age 11-16 Men’s Par – 1st

Age 11-16 Mixed Par – 1st

They also sent large teams to two of the largest international competitions in the world which host well over 750 international athletes

Maia International Acro Cup

Junior Women’s Group – 5th

Age 12-18 Women’s Pair – 4th

Age 12-18 Women’s Group – 12th

Age 11-16 Women’s Pair – 8th & 12th

Age 11-16 Men’s Pair – 3rd

Age 11-16 Mixed Pair – 2nd

Age 11-16 Women’s Group – 4th

Las Vegas Cup

USJO Level athletes are directly coached by others but Scott and Greg oversee the program.  Ten of the eleven of the USJO level teams that competed, placed 1st in their respective categories.