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Gymnaestrada/Gym 4 Life Challenge

Gymnaestrada is a non-competitive form of group gymnastics, which combines the beauty of dance with the breathtaking excitement of gymnastics skills and acrobatics. The focus of the program is to provide children the opportunity to be part of a team and display their gymnastics and dance talent.  For more detailed information visit Ontario Gymnaestrada


Upcoming Gymnaestrada events:


2017 Call to Event and Registration Form

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15th World Gymnaestrada 2015 Helsinki/FIN, 12-19 July 2015



World Gym For Life Challenge

Gymnastics for All is the solid foundation of the entire FIG edifice, and on it rests all six competitive disciplines. It embodies the Federation’s sport culture in its entirety, a culture centred on Man and motion.

Two events are organised under the leadership of FIG Gymnastics for All. Since 1953 the World Gymnaestrada is held every four year. This is a non-competitive event with performances during a week. Around 20 000 gymnasts from the whole world participate.

Since 2009 the Gym for Life World Challenge is held and also every four year, on the odd year between the World Gymnaestrada. This is an International contest for gymnastics groups and at the first edition 2000 gymnasts participated.

The World Gym for Life Challenge

The World Gym for Life Challenge is a new event concept currently being developed by the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG). For the second time on a world level, a contest for performance groups of all ages and genders will be incorporated. The Challenge will compliment the FIG’s World Gymnaestrada by being held every four years in between the World Gymnaestradas.

The groups can participate in the contest with a programme of a maximum of 5 minutes, incorporating any gymnastic element; with or without apparatus and it can be accompanied by music.

Group Performances will be evaluated on entertainment value, overall impression, innovation, originality, variety and technique (quality & skill safety). The evaluation will be carried out by a panel of experts. All groups participating in the Contest will be awarded either a gold, silver or bronze placing. Groups who achieve a gold placing at the Contest will participate in the Gym for Life Gala