Jocelyne Legault Honored with Recognition Award

Jocelyne has radiated passion for gymnastics since the establishment of the Club de Gymnastique Les Sittelles in 1980 which was founded by her mother, Marguerite Landriault.


Jocelyne was there every step of the way.  Starting with coaching at the age of 16 to her role today as General Manager, and everything in between, Jocelyne has devoted herself to ensuring the success of the club in every aspect.


Although administrative tasks require long hours, Jocelyne still finds the energy to coach her competitive athletes and prepare them for new challenges, competitions or events.  In addition to having been the Head Coach for 26 years, it is Jocelyn’s commitment and contributions towards the management of the club for more than 15 years that has allowed the club to thrive and grow.  Recognizing the growing clientele and increased demand, Jocelyne identified the need to explore a new location.  She just recently coordinated a large-scale move to a larger building where francophone services are increasingly in demand.


Most recently Jocelyne facilitated and coordinated the implementation of a gymnastics focused sport-studies program in partnership with the Conseil des ecoles catholiques du Centre-est.


Under Jocelyne’s leadership, the club also maintains visibility as contributors within the community by its participation in various events such as parades and exhibitions.