Kathy Crawford Honored with Recognition Award

Kathy Crawford embodies everything we want in our sport and gymnastics community.  She is positive, enthusiastic, passionate and persistent.  She works tirelessly in many capacities of gymnastics and goes above and beyond to foster a love of the sport for everyone who has the pleasure of knowing her.


Kathy has been involved in the sport for over 20 years.  She is a coach, course facilitator, men’s and women’s artistic judge, Ontario Development Program Assessor and a mentor to new coaches through the Coaches Association of Ontario’s initiative “Changing the Game, Changing the Conversation”.


Kathy serves as a member on the Men’s Technical Committee where she has gone above and beyond to create a cohesive and helpful community between coaches and judges.  She took the initiative to create an opportunity for judges and coaches to come together to help each other in order to better support our athletes at all Provincial and High Performance levels.


Kathy diligently helps other coaches so that their athletes can be the best they can be.  She takes time to teach new coaches and help anyone she can as she truly cares and wants to see each athlete and coach succeed and meet their goals.


Kathy is truly a unique individual and her contributions to gymnastics in all disciplines are undeniably great for the gymnastics community as a whole.