Kathy Hubbard Receives Competitive Coach of the Year Award

Kathy trains athletes ranging from Level 8-10 up to Aspire/High Performance athletes competing nationally.  As Head Coach, she also oversee all other competitive gymnasts.  When she is not with her own athletes at a competition, she is travelling with other groups to assist and mentor athletes/coaches during competition season.

She is not only well respected by her peers at BGC but it is evident that she is highly regarded by her peers at other gymnastics facilities.

Her athletes enjoyed an extremely successful season on the podium:

Ontario Championships

Emma Trollip (Novice HP) – Bars 1st, Floor 3rd, AA 3rd

Alexis Didomizio (L10) – Bars 2nd, Beam 2nd, Floor 1st, 2nd AA

Olivia Brunetti (L10) – Beam 2nd

Kyla Dickson (L9) – Bars 1st, Beam 2nd, Floor 3rd, 1st AA

Tessa Wismer  (L9) – Bars 3rd, Floor 1st, 2nd AA

Hannah Bramwell (L9) – 3rd AA

Kirah Stortini (L8) – Beam 2nd, Floor 2nd, 2nd AA


Eastern Canadian Championship

Alexandria Kline (L10) – Team Gold

Kyla Dickson (L9) – Bars 3rd, Beam 1st, Floor 2nd, 1st  AA

Tessa Wismer (L9) – Floor 1st, Team Gold

Hannah Bramwell (L9) – Bars 2nd, Team Gold

Kirah Stortini (L8) – Vault 3rd, Beam 2nd, 2nd AA, Team Gold


National Championships

Emma Trollip  (Novice HP) – Bars 8th, 8th AA (Day 1)

Alexis Didomizio (L10) – Bars 1st, Beam 7th, 5th AA, Team Gold

Olivia Brunetti (L10) – Team Silver