Lidiya Yavorska Receives Coach of the Year Award

Lidiya has only been with the Silhouettes of York Rhythmic Gymnastics Club for two years, but the impact of her contribution to the club and competitive gymnasts’ development has been enormous.  Lidiya’s athletes were successful at Ontario Championships bringing home two silver and two gold individual medals as well as another gold in Group competition.


In 2019, Lidiya became instrumental in developing and coaching the Silhouettes of York Junior FIG team, which captured the bronze medal at Elite Canada, the silver medal at Eastern Canadian Championships and finishing third at Canadians.  All of these achievements are in the first year of the group competing.


Lidiya’s outstanding qualities as a coach allow her to be an equally enabling coach to high performers and development gymnasts of various pre-competitive / competitive levels.  Lidiya always focuses on the strengths of each gymnast and pursues their individual talent as opposed to focusing on what is lacking.  She always helps her athletes grow regardless of the performance level.


Lidiya always takes gymnasts’ health and wellbeing close to heart.  If a girl is sick or unable to train because of an injury, she will make sure to check with the parent to make recommendations on how to rehabilitate the gymnast.  She ensures that the gymnasts understand and follow a nutrition plan and have ample rest.


Lidiya leads by example as she enjoys a spotless reputation and response in the rhythmic gymnastics community both nationally and internationally.