Lori Lavallee Presented with Club Builder Award

Lori has been spearheading the Sudbury Laurels executive board for 14 years.  Lori creates and monitors the yearly budget, setting fundraisers including reaching out to grocery stores for tagging events and tracking fundraising targets for all families, maintaining partnerships with Fundscrip for additional fundraising opportunities, running monthly meetings and organizing the yearly athlete Christmas party and Year End Show.


Lori plays a huge factor in the success of the Sudbury Laurels, due to countless hours of volunteering her time organizing fundraisers in order to give our athletes and coaches the best gymnastics experience they deserve.  As a northern club with three competitive disciplines, we are required to travel to all competitions and training opportunities outside of our city.  Lori and the executive team’s fundraising efforts have made it possible for our athletes to have the same opportunities as the top gyms in the province.


Over the years, Lori has given countless hours to the Sudbury Laurels and never expected anything in return.   The club and all its members are grateful for Lori’s commitment season after season.