Ruth Uren Honored with the Prestigious Jay Goold Award

Ruth’s connection to gymnastics began when she was ten years old, when her mother brought her to a demonstration at Ingersoll Collegiate.  Ruth was hooked and, bitten by the gymnastics bug, has dedicated her life to the sport of gymnastics.


After attending University of Western Ontario in London, Ruth’s first teaching job in Bramalea was as a physical education teacher. Ruth’s “go-get ‘em” approach soon had her starting her own competitive gymnastics club at the high school, attending OFSAA competitions.


In 1975, Ruth began coaching at the Orangeville Gymnastics Club (Twisters).  While there, she coached a little tot named Janine Rankin.  Ruth choreographed Janine’s first floor routine to the music M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E.  Janine went on to compete for Canada in the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games, and I am sure the lessons that she learned from Ruth were invaluable.


Ruth took her first judging course in 1987, and in subsequent years worked her way up the judging ranks, achieving her Brevet level in 2006.  This was also the year Ruth decided to share her knowledge and experience to support gymnastics in Ontario and became a member of the Gymnastics Ontario Board of Directors.  She served on the Board for ten years.


Ruth has been a mentor and an inspiration to many and is always ready to share her knowledge.  Coaches, athletes, judges and volunteers have all benefitted from Ruth’s passion for the sport.