Trevelle Edwards Receives Coach of the Year Award

Trevelle is a very valuable member of the Kitchener-Waterloo Gymnastic Club staff who works in both the pre-school and adaptive programs (special needs).  His “kids first” philosophy is evident in his approach to coaching.  He is tall in stature but a very gentle giant – calm, patient, kind and fun.  He undoubtedly creates a positive environment in the gym and instills a life-long love of physical activity in all of the participants he encounters.


In our adaptive program, Trevelle consistently demonstrates his innovative nature working to overcome challenges associated with modifying activities and skills to meet each individual child’s needs.  Trevelle strives to ensure every child feels successful regardless of his/her ability.  He has played a fundamental role in the continued growth of our adaptive program as he dedicates extra time to plan each individual child’s class and ensure they have the best experience every time they come.


An unhappy or shy child is a challenge for Trevelle – he works hard to make that child feel safe, supported and excited about gymnastics.  We often hear from parents that their children love coming to class and look forward to seeing Trevelle.  As a result, he is often nominated as Coach of the Month in the club program