2013-2014 WAG Ontario Championships

13-14 Ontario Championships

On the weekend of April 3-6, 2014 Rose City Gymnastics in Windsor Ontario played host to almost 1000 Women’s Artistic athletes along with  the Men’s Artistic gymnastics and Acrobatic Gymnasts.

The Women’s Artistic competition was held in the new St. Clair College SportsPlex  from Wednesday April 3rd to Sunday April 6th, 2014.

A big thank you goes out to all the clubs that attended, to Rose City Gymnastics for hosting and to the Ontario Judges for all their hard work and dedication to gymnastics throughout this event.

Athletes from all over Ontario competed in three qualifying competitions and those ranked in the top 32 spots, for the All Around Competition (Level 5-9 Age 9+) and top 8 athletes for the Event Finals (Level 7-9 & National Open, Age 14+), in their respective categories, competed head-to-head for the title of Ontario Champion.

Congratulations to the following Ontario Champions!


Level 5

Age 9 – Justice Balfour (East York)
Age 10 – Renee Scheel (Pickering)
Age 11 – Chloe Lin (East York)
Age 12 – Olivia Nittis (T-Dot Tumblers)
Age 13 – Brooklyn Lavellee (Sudbury Laurels)
Age 14+ – Ciara Chute (Forest City) & Madison Kondo (Pickering)

Level 6

Age 9 – Diana Dela Pena (Milton)
Age 10 – Kelsey Lee (Futures)
Age 11 – Elizabeth Musgrave (Mississauga)
Age 12 – Chloe Scheel (Pickering)
Age 13 – Claire Applegath (ASF)
Age 14 – Jessica Turza (SGI)
Age 15+ – Ashlyn Christos (Alliston)

Level 7

Age 9 – Chloe Burridge (London GA)
Age 10/11 – Jenna Cherepacha (Mississauga)
Age 12/13 – Rachel Simpson (London GA)
Age 14/15 – Morgan Tartaglia (Niagara Acro Cats)
Age 16+ – Emily Flood (Borden)

Level 8

Age 10/11 – Lillie Coussee (Futures)
Age 12/13 – Dana Somerville (Futures)
Age 14+ – Meghan McKeown (Gyros)

Level 9

Age 10/11 – Sayge Urban (Guelph)
Age 12/13 – Sofia Moraes (Discovery)
Age 14+ – Megen Reid (Guelph)



Level 7 – Aden Eichenberg (Burlington)
Level 8 – Bradey Rosettani (Ottawa GC)
Level 9 – Kayla Folz (Sudbury Laurels)
National Open – Samantha Borges (Manjak’s)


Level 7 – Morgan Tartaglia (Niagara Acro Cats) and Jenna Angrilli (Niagara Acro Cats)
Level 8 – Jennifer Vo (Corona)
Level 9 – Megen Reid (Guelph)
National Open – Anna Gamelo (Gemini)


Level 7 – Abby Bolton (Niagara Acro Cats)
Level 8 – Meghan McKeown (Gyros)
Level 9 – Kristina Santiago (Guelph)
National Open – Anna Gamelo (Gemini)


Level 7 – Vanessa Gunnell (London GA)
Level 8 – Emilee Hurst (Niagara Falls Lightning)
Level 9 – (Kristina Santiago (Guelph)
National Open – Anna Gamelo (Gemini)

The 2014 Ontario Championships is also a selection competition for athletes in Provincial Levels  7 -9, Ages 10+,  Canadian Pre-Novice Elite & Aspire as well as National Open categories vying for a spot on Team Ontario to represent Ontario at the 2014 Eastern Canadian Championships, in Oshawa Ontario, May 10-12, 2014.

National athletes in the Novice and Open categories also competed for a chance to represent Ontario at the 2014 Canadian National Championships in May 26- June 1, 2014 in Ottawa.

Congratulations to the following athletes, coaches and clubs that will be travelling to 2014 Eastern Canadian Championships and 2013 Canadian Championships to represent Ontario!


Level 7 – Age 10/11 (CPP Tyro 3)
Athletes: Jenna Cherepacha (Mississauga), Skylar Ellis (Futures), Charlies Radencich (Guelph) and Rachel Erdely (Futures)

Team Coach/ Manager: Gymnastics Mississauga

Level 7 – Age 12/13 (CPP Novice 3)

Level 7 Age 1213Athletes: Rachel Simpson (London GA), Cailyn Chung (Guelph Saultos), Sara Cristiano (T-Dot) and Julia Ma (T-Dot)

Team Coach/ Manager: London GA

Level 7 – Age 14+ (CPP Open 3)

Athletes: Morgan Tartaglia (Niagara Acro Cats), Abby


Bolton (Niagara Acro Cats), Emily Flood (Borden), and Erin Day (Gyros)

Team Coach/Manager: Niagara Acro Cats

Level 8 – Age 10/11 (CPP Tyro 4) Athletes: Lillie Coussee (Futures),  Ailish O’Shea (Futures), Katarina
Lozic (Manjak’s) and Alexandra Cameron (Tumblers)

Team Coach/ Manager: Futures

Level 8 – Age 12/13 (CPP Novice 4)Level 8 Age 12-13

Athletes: Dana Somerville (Futures), Megan Au (Futures), Olivia Schisler (Gemini) and Dahlia Solorzano-Caruso (Galaxy)

Team Coach/ Manager: Futures

Level 8 – Age 14+ (CPP Open 4)

Athletes: Meghan McKeown (Gyros), Jennifer Vo (Corona), Jennifer Harrigan (Niagara Acro Cats) and Laura Olkowski (Forest City)

Team Coach/ Managers: Corona

Level 9 – Age 10/11 (CPP Tyro 5) 
Athletes: Sayge Urban (Guelph), Emma Spence
(Dynamo), Nina Shaikh (Niagara Falls Lightning)
and Megan Heyes (Cambridge)

Level 8 Age 14+

Team Coach/ Manager: Guelph

Level 9 – Age 12/13 (CPP Novice 5)
Atheltes: Sofia Moraes (Discovery), Brooklyn Moors (Dynamo), Caroline Poirier (Tumblers) and Beth Webster (Tumblers)

Team Coach/ Manager: Discovery

Level 9 – Age 14+ (CPP Open 5)
Athletes: Megen Reid (Guelph), Kristina Santiago (Guelph), Jessica Feliz (Discovery) and Justine Russell-Rowe (Mississauga)

Team Coach/Manager: Guelph

Canadian Pre-Novice Aspire
Athletes: Paige McInally (East York), Lauren Mounsey
(Futures), Annie Clarmo (Revolution) and Annelle
Sciberras (TriStar)

Team Coach/ Manager: East YorkCPN

Canadian Pre-Novice Elite
Athletes: Kiera Wai (East York), Juliette Chapman (Tumblers), Avery Rosales (Tumblers) and Leelah Wong (East York)

Team Coach/ Manager: East York

National Open
Athletes: Brooke Huleatt (SGI), Marina Valente (Alpha), Sarah Stacey (Ottawa GC) and Rayna Bouttarath (London GA)

Team Coach/ Manager: SGI



Novice Team: Athletes: Ana Padurariu (Gemini), Jade Chrobok (Gemini), Alexis Didomizion (Burlington), Alexandria Tonkin (Burlington), Kelly Johnston (Manjak’s) and Amy Bladon (Bluewater)

Team Coaches: Gemini and Burlington

Individual Novices
Athletes:  Sophia Ogburn (Manjak’s), Charlotte Lister (Oakville), Emma Milne (SGI) and Cassidy Lavigne (Rose City)

Open Team
Athletes: Anna Gamelo (Gemini), Tenishia Tomlinson (Mississauga), Sarah Goudie (London GA), Melissa Temkov (Burlington), Rachel Pantano (Mississauga), Samantha Borges (Manjak’s) and Mackenzie Hyde (Pulsars)

Team Coaches: Gymnastics Mississauga and Gemini

Individual Opens
Athletes: Sofia Baggio (Ottawa GC), Adrianka Forrest (Ottawa GC) and Justina Skalskyte (Guelph)


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