2014-2015 WAG Tour Selection

Synergy Gym - Tour

The 2014-2015 Season is off to a great start as over

200 athletes competed this

past weekend at the annual Tour Selection event, hosted by Synergy Gymnastics.

Athletes and coaches form clubs all over Ontario  attend this event in hopes of being selected to Team Ontario. The top eight (8) athletes and 2 Team Coach/Managers were selected for Level 6, Level 7, Level 8, Level 9 and National Open (Level 10) to make a total of 40 athletes and 10 team coach/managers heading to Las Vegas to compete at the Lady Luck Invitational January 16-18, 2015.

A big thank you all the clubs that attended this successful event and to Synergy and Judges for all their hard work and dedication to gymnastics this past weekend! Synergy-Logo-150x122

Congratulations to the following athletes, coaches and clubs that will be travelling to Las Vegas to represent Ontario!

Level 6 Team

Athletes: Kailyn Wright (Galaxy), Samantha Kunst-Pacheco (Twisters), Hannah Henderson (Twisters), Olivia Nitti (T-Dot), Kate Beausaert (Alliston), Morgan Berry (Kawartha), Isabelle Kagawa (SGI) and Jessica Giles (Twisters)

Alternates: Brooklyn Lavellee (Sudbury), Emma Bell (Lindsay GC)

Team Coach/Manager Clubs: Twisters and Galaxy

Level 7 Team 

Level 7 Team

Athletes:  Jessica Turza (SGI), Ruth Martin (Guelph), Catarinca Musca (Ottawa GC), Olivia Kerr (SGI),  Alshlyn Christos (Alliston), Lauren Michelberger (KSG Aurora), Maddison Kelleher-Radey IOttawa GC) and Megan Silver (SGI)

Alternates: Christina Sartzetakis (Corona) and Grace Woolgar (Pickering)

Team Coach/ Manager Clubs: SGI and Ottawa GC


Level 8 TeamLevel 8 Team

Athletes: Keiara Jones-Tyrell (Milton), Rachel Simpson (London GA), Anna Taverna (POickering),  Emma Christie (Ottawa), Claire Platnar (Pickering), Ainsley McCarles (Burlington), Camryn Gibson (Alliston), BS  Cailyn Chung (Guelph)

Alternates: Erin Day (Gyros) and Lauren Kesseler (Niagara Acro Cats)

Team Coach/Manager Clubs: Pickering and Milton

Level 9 Team

Athletes: Brookly Moors (Dynamo), Alessia Lambe (London GA), Christy Rizzo (London GA), Alexandria  Kline (Burlington), Hannah Scharf (Northern Stars), Sarah Worfolk (Northern Stars), Madison Hughes (Muskoka) and Sophie Paquin (Tumblers)

Alternates: Alexandra Cathcart (Manjak’s) and  Maya Fernando (Discovery)

Team Coach/Manager Clubs: London GA and Dynamo

Level 10 (National Open) Team Level 10 Team

Athletes: Melissa Temkov (Burlington), Samantha Borges (Manjak’s), Sofia Moraes (Discovery), Kayla Folz (Sudbury), Sarah Goudie (London GA), Sofia Baggio (Ottawa), Kristina Santiago (Guelph) and Serena Baker (Bluewater)

Alternates: Justina Skalskyte (Guelph) and Beth Webster (Tumblers)

Team Coach/Manager Clubs: Burlington and Manjak’s


Athletes and coaches named to Team Ontario can find the Bulletin and Forms attached to the WAG Tour – Lady Luck Invitational event on the GO website calendar.


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