2019 MAG Tour Team announcement


Congratulations to the following athletes, coaches and clubs!  These individuals are headed to the Windy City Invitational in Chicago this week to compete as Team Ontario!!!

Level 8 (11-12)
•Carter Pfeffer (Gymnastics Energy)
•Daniel Dunai (Futures Gymnastics)
•Jack Stargratt-Sweeney (Futures Gymnastics)
•Owen Alexander Gibbins (East York Gymnastics)
•Austin Rubini (East York Gymnastics)
•Kai Desjardins (Evolution Gymnastics Aurora)
•Team Coach/Manager: Brandes Struger-Kalkman (Gymnastics Energy)

Level 9 (13-14)
•Riley Bryk (Futures Gymnastics)
•Carter Bryk (Futures Gymnastics)
•Tyler George Sabapathy (East York Gymnastics)
•William McNevin (Gymnastics Energy)
•Team Coach/Manager: Jordan Teschke (Futures Gymnastics)

Level 10 (15-16)
•Brandon Yap Young (Pulsars Gymnastics)
•Erion Sulemani (Gymnastics Mississauga)
•Jack Ditzend (Kitchener-Waterloo Gymnastics)
•Phillip Carson (Pulsars Gymnastics)
•James Doucette (Ottawa Gymnastics Centre)
•Mark Kogan (Pulsars Gymnastics)
•Team Coach/Manager: Nicholas Mallia (Pulsars Gymnastics)

Level 10 (17-18)
•Benli Raitman (East York Gymnastics)
•Alexander Stefanidis (Pulsars Gymnastics)
•Kieran Heaslip (Evolution Gymnastics)
•Joshua Real (All Star Sports Centre)
•Team Coach/Manager: Slava Sytnik (East York Gymnastics)

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