2019 WAG Tour – “Lets Go Team O!”



Team Ontario traveled to Anaheim, California  on January 10-14th, 2019 to compete in the second California Grand Invitational. 48 athlete and 12 Team coaches and 9 personal coaches from all over Ontario represented Team Ontario ! Congratulations to all the Team Ontario athletes and coaches for their outstanding performances!





Team Achievements:


Level 6 – 1st with a score of 113.325

Level 7 – 2nd with a score of 113.100

Level 8 – 1st with a score of 114.250

Level 9 – 3rd with a score of 107.45

Level 10 – 3rd with a score of  109.725






While the athletes arrived and competed as a team they also achieved individual successes! For full results, click here.



Level 6 is session 9L
Level 7 is session 6H
Level 8 is session 4H
Level 9 is session 3L
Level 10 is session 5L



Congratulations to all the Ontario ATHLETES AND COACHES!!!



What is next for Team Ontario?

Eastern Canadian Championship and Canadian Championships – Team Ontario will be selected from the Ontario Championships competition, April 5-7, 2019 to participate in the Eastern Canadian Championships, May 10-12, 2019, in Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Canadian National Championships, May 21-26, 2019 in Ottawa, Ontario.


We look forward to these upcoming events!

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