RG Athletes Dazzle at Elite Ontario 2016!

Congrats to all of the national level athletes who competed at the 2016 Rhythmic Elite Ontario Championships! The event was hosted my Mississauga Newnorth RG at the Hershey SportZone this past Saturday, March 19th.


Listed below are the top performers in each category:


Junior FIG Group of 5

1st – Maria Chekhter, Selina Chekhter, Jacklyne Elias, Gloria Hauer, Jessica Zhang and Alexandra Zilyuk (Salut RG)


Novice Group of 5

1st – Ksenia Beloventseva, Martha Litvikov, Victoria Smolianova and Natalie Strizhevsky (Trillium)

2nd – Sianna Tsakiridis, Yesol Shim, Bobbi-Kai Rimrott, Tiffany Zhao and Kyna Wilson (Kalev Estienne)


Junior High Performance (Level 10)

1st – Sophie Crane (Jusco)

2nd – Katherine Savchenko (Trillium)

3rd – Natalie Garcia (Mississauga Newnorth)


Junior Open (Level 9)

1st – Sasha Tolkachova (Expressia)

2nd – Haley Miller (Kanata RSG)

3rd – Gabrielle Assadoullaev (York Stars)



1st – Michel Vivier (Viva)

2nd – Katherina Bakhmutova (Trillium)EON2016-Nov-DSC00517

3rd – Veranika Trublina (Viva)


Senior High Performance

1st – Katherine Uchida (Jusco)

2nd – Anastasia Shanko (Trillium)

3rd – Athena Tsaltas (Salut)


Senior Open (Level 9)


1st – Anjelika Reznik (Salut)

2nd – Elizabet Belittchenko (Salut)

3rd – Dasha Sokolova (Trillium)


For full results Click Here!



Congratulations and thank you to all of the judges, coaches, athletes and volunteers who participated! A special thank you to Tatjana Dolic of Mississauga Newnorth for hosting!



For videos of the meet, go to our YouTube Channel or follow us on Instagram @gym_ontario!



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