RG Miss Valentine Tournament

February 28-March 3, 2019. Tartu, Estonia – Miss Valentine
Glimmer Junior Group of 5 were awarded two gold medals this weekend at the 2019 Miss Valentine invitational for winning both 1st overall and 1st in finals. Group members are Katerina Berestetsky, Bobbi Kai Rimrott, Alissa Levestetskyy, Anna Lunga, Marta Kovalevych, and Sianna Tsakiridis
In individuals, both Sianna Tsakiridis and Bobbi Kai Rimrott made final in the Junior Open and both placed 7 th overall and achieved their personal bests scores.
Michel Vivier (Viva RGC) also took part in the event. She placed 10th in All Around competition and 4th in clubs finals with a score of 16.400 points.
Congratulations to the athletes and coaches for an amazing performance!
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