Acro Tour 2019 – Vegas Acro Cup

March 20-24, 2019, Team Ontario traveled to Las Vegas Nevada to take part in Vegas Acro Cup. The team consisted of:

  1. Abby O’Keefe
  2. Emma Yang
  3. Ella Fedoration
  4. Haya Al-tameemi
  5. Isla Sheridan-Jonah
  6. Maya Borg
  7. Peyton Morel
  8. Sophia Belal
  9. Sophia McDonald
Alissa Belford – Team Coach
Suzie Owen – Team Manager
Debbie D’Souza – Judge

All athletes had a very strong showing placing in the top 3!
L7 trio – Gold and highest overall score award
L6 trio Gold
L5 trio Bronze

After the event the team attended Cirque du SoleilĀ  show, Mystere, and were able to meet several of the artists before the show. The team was able to ask questions during our private meet and greet.

The team also attended the World Cup, 1st in the US in the 20+ years. The team was able to watch and then meet several athletes from Brazil, China, Japan, Poland, Russia, Puerto Rico, UK, and USA.

The girls showed excellent sportsmanship and easily made new friends as they traded pins and souvenirs at the banquet.

Congratulations to all athlete and coaches for the amazing results!


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