Acrobatic Technical Bulletin No. 4, Jan 21st 2013

Technical updates to the 2012/2013 GO Acrobatic Gymnastics Technical Regulations:


Long Term Development Plan for Acrobatic Gymnastics in Ontario

In keeping with our desire to “Do it Right the First Time” we are working hard to develop Acrobatic Gymnastics in all areas of necessary infrastructure: GO staff, support volunteers, planning, education, program structure, coaching, athlete development, judging, and promotions.  We are currently working on all of these areas and taking time to reflect on all decisions so that we are offering the best possible program for the Acrobatic Gymnastics community in Ontario.


2012/2013 – Year 2 of Acrobatic Gymnastics Competitions in Ontario, Judge Education, Understanding the New FIG Code of Points, Travel Tour, Elite Level Training Camps for Top Acrobats in Ontario

2013/2014 – Preparation of Ontario Clubs for qualifications to the 2014 Canadian Team that will attend the 2014 World Championships and World Age Group Championships in France, Continued Development of Acrobatics overall structure, focus on Competition structure, Promotions and inclusion of new clubs, as well as all identified areas of necessary development to be determined as needs are identified

National Championships 2013

We had planned to host a Canadian Championships for Acrobatic Gymnastics in this season.  Gymnastics Canada informed us that we are not permitted to host a Canadian Championships until Canada has a Coaching Certification structure in place and a National set of Technical Regulations both of which are being worked on by the GCG Acrobatic Gymnastics Development Working Group.  We are however not restricted from hosting a Canadian Open Acrobatic Gymnastics event.  We decided to host this event in conjunction with our Ontario Championships as we have a venue secured.  As well to host a Canadian Open event we would have had to use our two Ontario Acro clubs to host yet another event.  As both Oakville and Mississauga will host an Ontario Cup and we will need their assistance to host an Ontario Championships we did not want to saddle our volunteers with yet another event until we have more clubs involved.  So please be informed that there will be NO Canadian Championships for Acrobatic Gymnastics this year.

2nd Ontario Cup

The 2nd Ontario Cup for Acrobatic Gymnastics will take place at Mississauga Gymnastics Club on Saturday, February 2nd.  Level 4 Interclub Acrobats have been invited back to the Ontario Cups as it was felt that the 1st Ontario Cup was too small.   We will review the inclusion of Level 4 Interclub in the Ontario Cups after the 2nd Ontario Cup and make recommendations for the 2013/2014 season.

Ontario Tour Team to Attend the Alberta Acrobatic Gymnastics Competition

Gymnastics Ontario is supporting the selection of an Ontario Tour Team to attend a competition outside of Ontario.  Originally the plan had been to attend a competition in the USA but after finding out that Alberta Gymnastics is hosting a competition it was decided that we need to support Acrobatic Gymnastics development in Canada.  Our Tour Team will be invited to attend the March 30th competition in Calgary.  More details will be circulated about the selection process, the size of the team and the travel details for the Tour Team opportunity in a separate document prior to the 2nd Ontario Cup.  Please note that clubs are welcome to attend the Alberta Acrobatic Gymnastics Competition so athletes who are not selected to the Ontario Tour Team will still be permitted to attend the Calgary competition.  This will allow all of our Ontario Clubs to attend and support Acro in the west.

Introductory Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp

Saturday, March 9th the Oakville Gymnastics Club will host an Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp for Levels 5 and under.  The Training Camp will be a one day camp and be divided into two parts: a Coach focused portion for the education of coaches on the basic coaching techniques for acro and an Athlete focused portion for the motivation and development of our young Interclub and beginner Provincial Level acrobats.  More details will be circulated in a separate document.

2013 Ontario Championships & Canadian Open Acrobatic Gymnastics Tournament

Details will be circulated in a separate document but know that we have secured Dynasty Cheer Academy in Scarborough as our venue for the 2013 Ontario Championships to be held on April 6th and 7th, 2013.  We will need volunteers from across Ontario and from the Acrobatic Gymnastics Clubs to host this Gymnastics Ontario event.  This competition will also be the first Canadian Open Acrobatic Gymnastics Tournament where will open up the competition to all clubs in Canada.  More details to come.

Event Calendar:

2nd Ontario Cup Acrobatic Gymnastics                               Gymnastics Mississauga                           February 2, 2013

Introductory Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp           Oakville                                                           March 9, 2013

Ontario Tour to Alberta Acro Competition                            Calgary, Alberta                                             March 30, 2013

2013 Ontario Championships & Canadian Open             Dynasty Cheer Academy, Scarborough    April 6-7, 2013

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