Aerobic Gymnastic Athletes perform well at the 2014 ANAC International Aerobics Championship

2014 Canadian International Group

The 18 member team of Aerobic Gymnastic athletes represented Canada well at the recent ANAC International Aerobics Championship held in Las Vegas, July 27 – August 1, 2014.  Canada sent its largest team of Aerobic gymnasts to the event comprised of athletes from Perth Saltos Athletics and Hamilton World Class Gymnastic clubs. 

For many on the team in the FIG World Age Group & Junior Showcase (FIG National Development) divisions, it was their first taste of International competition; many making the transition to Aerobics from Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.  Sarah Rosati, a former National Open WAG athlete is one team member who has successfully made the transition to Aerobics.  Her Artistic Gymnastics training & conditioning were assets that facilitated quick development of aerobic skill elements.   With a routine choreographed by Kasey Whalen, former Perth Aerobics competitor, Sarah put forth a solid performance in the highly experienced & competitive Senior Individual Women’s category.

Canadian Acrobatic Group

Head of Delegation & Brevet Aerobics Judge, Lynne Smiley was very impressed with the performances of all of Team Canada’s athletes.  Their presentation, confidence, execution and ability to handle the pressure/nervousness was a definite reflection of good preparation and coaching under the leadership of Team Canada Head Coach, Louise Miller (Perth Saltos) and Assistant Team Coach, Cristina Bontas-Tantaru (Hamilton World Class GC).  As well, veteran competitors (Lockett, O’Collin, Adrian, Tolygesi, Sweeny) are to be commended for their much appreciated assistance and enthusiastic support  given to their fellow teammates.

Junior Showcase – Individual Women Finals:  Grace Lockett (Perth) 9th      Abby Cook (World Class) 10th  

Preliminaries IW  Nikola Marsello (World Class) –14th , Jenna Neil (Perth) 17th, Lucy McNamee, Olivia Merpaw, Julia Millard (Perth)

Junior Showcase – Group Final Result:   (Grace Lockett, Jenna Neil, Lucy McNamee, Olivia Merpaw, Julia Millard ) – 4th

Age Group 2 – Individual Women Finals:     Hannah Adrian (Perth) 12th  Allison Tolygesi (Perth) 13th

Age Group 2 – Individual Women:  Kailey Sweeney (Perth), Alena Scarcelli (WC), Elissa Tantaru (WC), Madelyne Neil (Perth)

Age Group 2 – Trio Final Result:  (Kailey Sweeney, Hannah Adrian, Allison Tolygesi) – 5th 


Age Group 1 – Individual Women Preliminaries:   Tessa O’Collin, Bailey Whiting, Romy Hansen, Ashley Jordan (Perth)

Senior – Individual Women Preliminaries:  Sarah Rosati (World Class)








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