Alla Rudiy – Lil Babineau Club Builder Award

Throughout the past year, Alla has demonstrated unwavering dedication, selflessness, and a remarkable level of expertise as a volunteer with Trillium Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy.  Her tireless efforts have been instrumental in the successful management of the KSIS system, including registration, cancellations, and amendments.


Additionally, her outstanding organizational skills have played a vital role in coordinating and managing various meets.  Her exceptional communication skills have fostered positive relationship with other clubs, further enhancing collaboration and cooperation within the gymnastics community.


Alla consistently goes above and beyond, committing countless hours, energy and expertise to ensure the smooth operation of these essential aspect of the sport we love.


Her commitment to excellence and willingness to contribute in multiple capacities make her a truly exception volunteer.


All’s unwavering dedication, compassionate nature and ability to inspire and uplift those around them is appreciated by all members of our club.