Antonina Savchuk, Kalev Estienne, Receives High Performance Rhythmic Coach of the Year Award

Antonina was a practicing dentist in the Ukraine when she decided to pursue the second passion of her life in a new country.  Since the age of eight, Antonina has been a rhythmic gymnast.  Her love of the sport has been a focal point in her life for 20 years and she has achieved the rank of Master of the Sport in both rhythmics and aesthetic group gymnastics.  She has participated in both national and international competitions including World Championships, World Cup, Four Continents Championships and the Pan American Championships.  Her commitment to the sport is unquestioned.


For the past three and a half years, Antonina has been coaching with Kalev Estienne Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre under the sponsorship of Evelyn Koop.  She is growing and developing her coaching abilities and is now a Level 3 Coach and a qualified AGG judge.  She undertakes training as required and is committed to improving her skills in an ongoing basis.


Antonina’s  love of the sport translates into a passion that is contagious for her young students.  She can motivate them to achieve their best results and they ask for her specifically to train them.  She is a developmental coach and is a creative and accomplished choreographer.  She is always organized and punctual.  Her focus on a healthy environment is apparent in her struct adherence to COVID protocols.


Antonina has demonstrated that she is able to improve the performance of her athletes – she has seen four of her students qualify for Provincial Championships – one becoming Champion.  She has trained gold medalists – National Junior Development Group and National Novice Group.  At the AGG Pan American Championships the senior team achieved 1st place and the junior team placed 2nd.  At the World Championships in Spain both the junior and senior teams qualified for the finals.  Tonya has clearly demonstrated that she is able to improve the performance of the athletes that she coaches, both by example and by instilling in them the same healthy competitive spirit that has motivated her in her own performance.


In addition to being a successful coach, Antonina is helpful administratively and is willing to take on, without complaint, responsibilities that further the welfare of the club.  She is a strong motivator and a popular coach who is achieving significant result with her young athletes.