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Are you looking to recognize a particular coach or tireless volunteer?
Consider nominating them for a Gymnastics Ontario Award.

Each year Gymnastics Ontario recognizes the enormous contribution that coaches, clubs and volunteers give to the success of our sport.  Nominations are accepted and reviewed by the Awards Selection Committee.  Below is a short description of Gymnastics Ontario’s Awards Program and the various awards looking for nominations.  A full description of the eligibility criteria, and a list of the previous recipients are provided on a separate page.

The Awards Program Overview

A.  Summary of Awards

Recognition Award

Outstanding service for 10 years or more

Terri Parsons Customer Service Award

Exemplary Customer Service skills

Jay Goold Award

Administrative Leadership for a minimum of 10 years

Dr. Gene Sutton Special Achievement Award

Outstanding Contribution for at least 20 Years

Ontario Life Membership Award

Outstanding service for a minimum of 25 years

Olympic Athlete Life Membership Award

Athletes who were named to an Olympic Team

Ed Brougham Club Award

Clubs showing growth in numbers, expertise, & involvement in G.O. activities

New for 2011 – 1 Award for Each Club Size – Small, Medium, and Large

Coach of the Year Awards

Recreation / Grass Roots

Development / Competitive

National / High Performance

      Cameron Namek Coach Excellence Award

Awarded to a coach so dedicated to the sport of gymnastics by fulfilling more than one role.  For example:  coach/athlete; coach/judge;  coach/administrator.

Stan Stenoff Career Achievement Coaching Award

Lifetime achievement in coaching for a minimum of 20 years

Media Award – Print

Outstanding coverage by local media within the past 12 months

Media Award – TV, Radio, or Internet

Outstanding coverage by local media within the past 12 months

Service Recognition Pins

Service for:

5 year (Bronze), 10 year (Silver), 15 year (Gold), 20 year (Antique Gold), 25 year (Diamond) , 30 year (Silver Blue Crystal), 40 year (Blue Gold Saphhire Crystal) and 50 year (Gold Saphhire Crystal)

Club Volunteer Certificate

Volunteer in each club, nominated by the Club

Lil Babineau Gymnastics Ontario Club Builder Award

To recognize extraordinary volunteerism at the club level

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The Awards Program of Gymnastics Ontario is designed to promote, recognize, and reward the individual efforts of our members and volunteers in their promoting of excellence in the sport of gymnastics. The Awards Program recognizes this continued hard work and dedication through the presentation of the awards at the Annual Awards Banquet.

This document serves to describe the details of the program, to provide a summary of all awards that are included in the program, and finally to describe each award in further detail. Members are encouraged to review this information, and to consider submitting nominations each year for our many deserving volunteers.

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1. Composition:

The Awards Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Directors, and consists of the Operations Manager, a member of the Board of Directors, and volunteers who have a good knowledge of the history of the Federation. The Awards Committee is responsible for the overall administration of the Awards Program. Other interested individuals are encouraged to contact the Operations Manager for inquiries about joining the committee, and to maintain appropriate representation from all active gymnastics disciplines.

2. Mandate:

The scope of the committee is to promote, recognize and reward the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. The Awards Committee receives nomination submissions from members of the gymnastics community, and short-lists nominations according to criteria listed.

3. Key Functions:

  • To implement award and recognition programs to recognize the work of volunteers.
  • To submit the list of nominees to the Board of Directors for ratification.
  • To seek out and submit additional nominations for other awards (GCG, CAC, Sport Alliance etc.).
  • To develop and implement suitable documentation of awards and recognitions.
  • To develop awards and recognition procedures applicable to Gymnastics Ontario.
  • To assist with the hosting of the Annual Awards Banquet.

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Each year, Gymnastics Ontario members are encouraged to nominate an outstanding individual for one of the Gymnastics Ontario awards listed under section E below.

1. Who May Apply

Member clubs of Gymnastics Ontario, Committees of G.O., or any two (2) individual members of the Federation may submit nominations, except where otherwise described.

The nominee must be a member of the Federation in good standing, except where otherwise noted in the description of a particular award.

2. What to Include In the Submission

A nomination should be submitted for a specific award on the form provided, and should include information about the candidate showing that the nominee has met the prescribed criteria. The distinctive features of the award as described under each award should be considered.

Nominations should be submitted on the appropriate form and must be accompanied by a detailed résumé and a rationale for the nomination. Neither Gymnastics Ontario nor a selection committee will research unsupported claims or enhance the nomination package to further a candidate’s ranking.

3. Completing The Nomination Submission

Nominations must be submitted to the Awards Committee in writing by the due date indicated for the particular award.  A few exceptions to this date may apply, and will be indicated at the top of each individual Award Description. The completed package should be sent to the address indicated on the Award Description, or to the Gymnastics Ontario office as follows:


Gymnastics Ontario Awards Committee

Nominations to be submitted to:

Gymnastics Ontario Awards Committee
2950 Keele Street, Suite 202
North York, ON   M3M 2H2

Tel: 647-344-3975
Fax: 647-344-4816

Nominators should note the significance of the legibility, accuracy, and completeness of the information and supporting documentation that they submit to G.O. They should not assume, but should rather document any and all information to best promote their nominee.

Please Note:

Self-nominations, and nomination of non-members of the Federation (except where indicated) are not eligible to be considered for Gymnastics Ontario awards.

The Awards Committee may recommend and/or the Board of Directors may determine, if any award decisions are to be kept confidential until the Awards ceremony. Although this is not ordinarily done, there may be cases in which this is appropriate.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to present multiple awards when deemed appropriate, or to withhold certain awards where nominations of sufficient stature are not received.

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Specific criteria for each individual award is included in the Award Description for that award. As a general rule, “volunteer service” will be counted for contribution in one or more of the following areas:

  • Founding and/or initiating major development within Gymnastics Ontario
  • Outstanding contribution in various aspects of the sport
  • Members of the Gymnastics Ontario Board of Directors
  • Members of Major Committees or Working Groups – e.g., Ethics; Human Resources; Joint Programs; Gymnastics for All; Education and Advisory; Business Development; Finance, etc.
  • Members of Technical Program Committees – e.g., Rhythmic, Men’s Artistic, Women’s Artistic, Trampoline & Tumbling, Aerobics, Acrobatics
  • Members of a major program sub-committee – e.g., Judging, Coaching, etc.
  • Coaches and/or Judges – all levels that continue to be active within the provincial system
  • Clinicians and Course Conductors – members who regularly share their knowledge at approved G.O. courses, clinics, and workshops
  • Authors of Gymnastics Ontario technical manuals and publications
  • Organizers of Key Events:
  • Provincial Championships and Major Competitions/Special Events as designated by G.O.
  • Key member of organizing committees and sub-committees – e.g., Easterns or Canadian Championships, Gymnaestrada, “Coaching for Coaches” Congress, etc.
  • Club Presidents, Club Founders and members of Club Boards of Directors.
  • Significant other regional/provincial contribution as listed by the individual and not otherwise included in the above criteria

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