Lil Babineau Club Builder Award

Deadline for Submission:  Friday, May 3, 2024

The Gymnastics Ontario Club Builder Award has been created to recognize extraordinary volunteerism at the club level and is intended to acknowledge those individuals whose service may not extend to the federation level, and would therefore, not qualify for other Gymnastics Ontario awards.  Gymnastics Ontario values the work of individuals in building clubs.  The Gymnastics Ontario Club Builder Award is intended for a highly involved volunteer; one who has repeatedly gone above and beyond exceptional, either in length of time, extraordinary effort, etc.  The nominee must be a member in good standing.  A maximum of one award per club, per year will be presented.


The Gymnastics Ontario Club Builder Award was presented for the first time at the 2012 Gymnastics Ontario Awards Banquet, and subsequently thereafter.  The recipient of the award will receive a plaque outlining their extraordinary service.


To apply for this award, a club may name one individual and submit it to Gymnastics Ontario, Awards Committee.  The submission should include a brief paragraph explaining the reason for this nomination.   A photo of the individual should also accompany the submission, along with the name of the club representative who would be willing to present the award at the banquet.

Nominations to be submitted to:

Gymnastics Ontario Awards Committee
2950 Keele Street, Suite 202
North York, ON   M3M 2H2

Tel: 647-598-1989
Fax: 647-344-4816

NOTE:  The Gymnastics Ontario Club Builder Award is not to be confused with the already existing Club Volunteer of the Year Award.  The Club Volunteer of the Year Award, available to all clubs, is for a volunteer that the club wishes to recognize for their efforts that year.


Click here for Award Nomination Form

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Gymnastics Ontario Club Builder Award Hall of Honour

2012 Noel Thomas, Burlington Gymnastics Club
2012 Wendy Vink, Futures Gymnastics Club
2012 Stephanie Lane-Kaluski, Gloucester Community Gymnastics
2013 David Gill, Pickering Athletic Centre
2013 Lindsay Whiting, Toronto Gymnastics International
2014 Lisa Flood, Borden Gymnastics
2014 Annette Ranger, Gymzone Gymnastics & Athletics
2015 Diane Durette, Burlington Gymnastics Club
2015 Doug Weeks, Burlington BGs
2016 Gordon Frosst, Ottawa Gymnastics
2016 Paolo Maggiotto, Gymnastics Mississauga

In memory of Lil Babineau, the Club Builder Award has been renamed

Lil Babineau Club Builder Award

2017 Bill Pierson, Greater Napanee Gymnastics Club
2017 Lisa Doran, Oakville Gymnastics Club
2018 Cathy Brasil, Oakville Gymnastics Club
2018 Janet Jones, North Bay Gymtrix
2018 Mary Nichol, Burlington Gymnastics Club
2019 Bob and Kate Minor, Kingston Aeros Trampoline Club
2019 Curt Bladon, Bluewater Gymnastics
2019 Lori Lavallee, GymZone Gymnastics / Sudbury Laurels
2019 Stephanie Kotani, Burlington Gymnastics
2020 Adrian Tuen – OAA
2020 Christine Hutchinson – Bluewater Gymnastics
2020 Abdherrahim Bennazzoury – Tumblers Gymnastics
2020 Cara Kate Lodoen – Silhouettes of York Rhythmic Gymnastics
2023 Alla Rudiy – Trillium Rhythmic Gymnastics
2023 Amy Gerolamy – Kawartha Gymnastics
2023 Gerry Corcoran – Toronto Gymnastics International
2023 Shirley Joost – Velocity Sport

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