Olympic Athlete Life Membership Award

Purpose & Eligibility:

This designation is presented to those Gymnastics Ontario athletes who have represented Canada at an Olympic Games, in recognition of their hard work and dedication to excellence in the Sport of Gymnastics.

Submission Details:

Nominations will be made by the Awards Committee – no additional submission documentation is required.


Recipients will be selected from a specific Olympic Games by the Awards Committee and upon approval by the Gymnastics Ontario Board of Directors.

Award Presentation:

The recipient will be presented with a special Gymnastics Ontario Olympic Athlete Life Membership Card and a commemorative gift at the G.O. Annual Awards Banquet. Recipients will receive two complimentary tickets to the Awards Banquet, and photos may be posted on the G.O. website

Additional benefits for Olympic Athlete Life Members include:

  • The competitive athlete program fee and membership insurance fee will be waived for Olympic Athlete Life Members who are still actively competing.
  • VIP entry to all Gymnastics Ontario events
  • Receipt of Gymnastics Ontario mailings, as appropriate

Recipients will be notified by Gymnastics Ontario a minimum of 30 days prior to the Awards Banquet in order to confirm attendance. Awards not presented at the Awards Banquet will be sent to the recipient by mail.

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Olympic Athlete Life Members Hall of Honour


1956 Ed Gagnier
1956 Ernestine Russell
1960 Ernestine Russell
1964 Richard Kihn  *
1964 Wilhelm Weiler
1968 Barry Brooker
1968 Jennifer Diachun-Palmer
1968 Teresa McDonnell Orr
1968 Marilyn Minnaker Hayden
1968 Steve Mitruk
1972 Lise Arsenault-Goertz
1972 Susan Buchanan
1972 Jennifer Diachun-Palmer
1972 Nancy McDonnell Gabriel
1972 Teresa McDonnell Orr
1972 Bruce Medd
1972 Steve Mitruk
1972 Sharon Tsukamoto-Rutledge
1976 Lise Arsenault-Goertz
1976 Lynne Jones
1976 Teresa McDonnell Gabriel
1976 Nancy McDonnell Orr
1976 Patti Rope Portis
1980 Linda Bartolini
1980 Marc Epprecht
1980 Danny Gaudet
1980 Sherry Hawco Delanty *
1980 Kathy McMorrow
1980 Frank Nutzenberger
1980 Elfi Schlegel
1980 Nigel Rothwell
1980 David Steeper
1980 Ellen Stewart
1984 Kelly Brown
1984 Adrianne Dunnett Yeates
1984 Danny Gaudet
1984 Frank Nutzenberger
1984 Andrea Owok-Chennette
1984 Brad Peters
1984 Allan Reddon
1984 Andrea Thomas
1984 Jesica Tudos
1988 Lorne Bobkin
1988 Monica Covacci
1988 Mary Fuzesi Newton
1988 Curtis Hibbert
1988 Larissa Lowing
1988 Christina McDonald
1988 Alan Nolet
1988 Brad Peters
1988 Janine Rankin
1988 Lori Strong
1992 Madonna Gimotea
1992 Curtis Hibbert
1992 Mike Inglis
1992 Janet Morin
1992 Alan Nolet
1992 Janine Rankin
1992 Lori Strong Ballard
1992 Stella Umeh
1996 Jennifer Exaltacion
1996 Shanyn MacEachern
1996 Camille Martens
1996 Alan Nolet
1996 Yvonne Tousek
2000 Karen Cockburn
2000 Michelle Conway
2000 Crystal Gilmore
2000 Emilie Livingston
2000 Yvonne Tousek
2000 Mathieu Turgeon
2004 Melanie Banville
2004 Karen Cockburn
2004 Heather Purnell
2004 Heather Ross-McManus
2004 Mathieu Turgeon
2008 Jason Burnett
2008 Karen Cockburn
2008 Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs
2008 Rosannagh MacLennan
2008 Alexandra Orlando
2012 Jason Burnett
2012 Karen Cockburn
2012 Rosannagh MacLennan
2012 Kristina Vaculik
2012 Rose Cossar
2012 Madeline Gardiner
2012 Kelsey Titmarsh
2012 Katrina Cameron
2012 Jessica Savona
2012 Angelika Reznik
2012 Anastasya Muntyanu
2012 Alexandra Landry
2012 Victoria Moors
2012 Dominique Pegg


*Sherry Hawco Delanty passed away in 1991
* Richard Kihn passed away in 2023

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