Ontario Life Membership Award


This award is bestowed upon those special members who have made noteworthy, significant contributions to the development of the Federation, and who are deemed worthy of Life Membership recognition.

Eligibility Criteria:

Members eligible for nomination would include provincial officers, committee members, coaches, judges, and other officials who have performed specific outstanding, long-term continuous service to the Sport of Gymnastics in Ontario, for a minimum of 25 years.

Submission Details:

Nominations should be accompanied by a résumé of the nominee, and two independent references attesting to the worthiness of the individual, and any other documentation deemed relevant to describe the achievements of the individual. The importance of this award should be kept in mind, and as much relevant information as possible should be submitted.

Nominations to be submitted to:

Gymnastics Ontario Awards Committee

2950 Keele Street, Suite 202
North York, ON   M3M 2H2

Tel: 647-344-3975
Fax: 647-344-4816



Nominations will be short-listed by the Awards Committee and approved by the Gymnastics Ontario Board of Directors.

Award Presentation:

The recipient will be presented with a special Gymnastics Ontario Life Membership Card and a commemorative award at the G.O. Annual Awards Banquet. Recipients will receive two complimentary tickets to the Awards Banquet, and photos may be posted on the G.O. website

Additional benefits for Life Members include:

  • Complimentary Gymnastics Ontario Membership for Life
  • VIP entry to all Gymnastics Ontario events
  • Receipt of Gymnastics Ontario mailings, as appropriate

Recipients will be notified by Gymnastics Ontario a minimum of 30 days prior to the Awards Banquet in order to confirm attendance. Awards not presented at the Awards Banquet will be sent to the recipient by mail.

Click here for Award Nomination Form

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Ontario Life Members Hall of Honour

1994  John Hunter *
1998  Lenke Szathmary *
1999  Slava Corn
1999  Horst Galle *
1999  Evelyn Koop
1999  Marilyn Savage
2000 Lilian Babineau *
2000 Tamara Bompa
2000 John Nooney *
2000 Susan Harris
2000 Judy Henderson
2000 Mary Nichol
2001 Alex Bard
2001 Leonid Grakovsky *
2001 Frank Juhasz *
2001 Paul Pichler *
2001 Tom Zivic
2002 Margo Bulmer
2002 Maija Ceming
2002 Lois LaQuerre
2002 Robin McLeod
2002 Fay Weiler
2003 Liz Armitage
2003 Brian McVey
2003 Gene Sutton *
2003 Linda Whitfield
2004 David Ross
2004 Colin Wackett
2005 Marta Selmeczi
2006 Debbie Vidmar
2007 Dave Arnold
2007 Janet Campbell
2007 George Curran
2007 Liliana Dimitrova-Petkov
2007 Elvira Saadi
2007 Jan Waldauf *
2008 Diane Gallagher
2008 Pat Leith
2008 Masaaki Naosaki
2008 Geoff & Mary-Lea Palmer
2009 Barry Brooker
2009 Marie Folprecht
2009 Carole Anne Letheren **
2009 Bernard Newman **
2009 Eugene Oryszczyn **
2009 Wilhelm Weiler
2010 Annely Riga
2011 Angel Crossman
2013 Harry Ducker
2013 Mike Toke
2015 Lori Ierullo
2015 Dan Glendon
2016 Dr. Boris Bajin  *
2016 Pam Collett  *
2016 Eugene Galprin  *
2016 Betty Tate *
2019 Bill Rhoads
2020 Zhauhui Huang
2020 Natasa Bajin


*Gymnastics Ontario fondly remembers Life Members who are no longer with us.


** Awarded posthumously

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