Recognition Award

Deadline for Submission:  Friday, May 3, 2024


This award is to honor individuals for continuous, outstanding service to the sport of gymnastics in Ontario, in the area of either coaching/judging, and/or volunteerism/administration, for a period of 10 years or more.

Eligibility Criteria:

Members, in good standing, eligible for nomination would include provincial officers, committee members, coaches, judges, and other officials who have performed specific outstanding, long-term continuous service to the Sport of Gymnastics in Ontario, for a minimum of 10 years.

Submission Details:

Nominations for this award may be made directly to the Awards Committee and /or through members of Program Committees. Nominations should include a brief overview and description of the nominee’s service and any supporting information.

Nominations to be submitted to:

Gymnastics Ontario Awards Committee
2950 Keele Street, Suite 202
North York, ON   M3M 2H2
Tel: 647-598-1989
Fax: 647-344-4816


Nominations will be short-listed by the Awards Committee and approved by the Gymnastics Ontario Board of Directors. A maximum of one award is allocated for each discipline.

Award Presentation:

The recipient will be presented with a commemorative plaque at the G.O. Annual Awards Banquet. Recipients will receive two complimentary tickets to the Awards Banquet, and photos will be posted on the G.O. website (with permission by signing the Image Release Form).

Recipients will be notified by Gymnastics Ontario a minimum of 30 days prior to the Awards Banquet in order to confirm attendance. Awards not presented at the Awards Banquet will be sent to the recipient by mail.

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Recognition Award Hall of Honour  1972 – 1992

1972 Fred Kazor
1973 Corine Budner, Margo Nutzenberger, Karl Nutzenberger, Peter Rogers
1974 Willie Rehorn, Lawrence Visser, Frank Juhasz, Karl Braslins
1975 Horst Galle, Richard Kihn
1976 Sport & Fitness
1977 Eugene Oryschyn, Lenke Szathmary
1978 John Hunter
1979 Doug Hancher, George Harlow, Chris Klein
1979 Bev Liston, Heather Shaw
1980 Roy Brown, John Liston
1981 Albert Dippong, Hans Epprecht, Paul Rose, Liz Roulston, Elfi Schlegel
1982 Pat Dovigi
1983 Janis Duncan, Judy Johnson, Audrey Piper, Jack Russell, Lester Wood
1984 Liliana Dimitrova **, Eija Forster **, Elsie Jokinen **, Lois Krause, Pat Leith, Ted Malchuk,
1984 Joan Miller, Harry Wells
1985 Margo Bulmer **, Bev Fackrell, Janis Hric, Elsie Jokinen **, Diane Kalenchuk,
1985 Kalev Estienne School MRG
1986 Maija Ceming **, Kevin Eby, Mary-Lea & Geoff Palmer, Verna Robertson, Gene Sutton,
1986 Kaarina Tulisalo, Sampo MRG Club
1987 Diane Gallagher, David Holmes, David Warren, Rita White **, David Williams, Barbara Wood
1988 Janet Campbell, Evelyn Koop, Sheila Mozes
1989 Liz Armitage, Kaarina Dillabough, Carol Orchard, Paul Pichler
1990 Carole Jones, Marilyn Kirk, Bill Perkins, Jennifer Reynolds
1991 Maija Ceming, Terri Parsons, Bill Rhoads, David Ross, Linda Whitfield
1992 Lorne Davis, Lorne David, Ian Eng, Rona Gray, Brigitte Mitruk, Mike Ovenden

** Ontario Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Federation Awards

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1993 – Present


1993 Diana Ceccol, Angel Crossman, Brenda Gallie
1994 John Biggs, Bill Hubbard, Cindy Stevenato
1995 Dan Glendon, Judy Henderson, Karen Apostle, Marta Selmeczi
1996 Joanne McGarry, Diane Rogers, Lynda Thompson-Wild, Carey Vigneux, Fay Weiler
1997 Tobie Gorman, Lynne Smiley
1998 Lise Goertz, Rosemary Redgrift, John Hummel, Harold Sanin
1999 Nicki Chretien-Ranney, Harry Ducker, Melissa Hawrylyshyn, Susan Nugent, Helen Saari
2000 Norma Columbus, Kellie Hinnells, Dave Lockington, David Sandford, Janice Stirton
2001 Carole Abrahams, Isabelle Graham-Redshaw,, Cathy Haines, Frank Hignell, Gretchen Kerr,
2001 Julie Kyle, Nancy Irons-Murray
2002 Cathy Buchner, Paul Tomlinson, Ken Rae
2003 Holly Abraham, Jack Abrahams, Barb Dring, Tracey Murphy
2003 Marisa Orlando, Heather Smiley
2004 Debbie Cogliatti, Shari DeHoey, Gail Whittemore, Heather McManus, Dianne Durette
2005 Marguerite Gagnon, Ruth Uren
2006 Cheryl Donoghue, Greg Jackson, Cheryl Johnson
2007 Jennifer Cowie-Bonne, Carolyn Perkins, Kathleen van Graft
2008 Lisa Cowan, Dasa Lelli, Carl von Holstein, Jackie Hignell
2009 Susan Baier, Karen Carmichael, Svetlana Joukova, Norman Loader, Sean McManus
2009 Louise Miller
2010 Lorraine Currie
2011 Tracey Robertson, Barry Myers
2012 Dimitrichka Masleva, Julie Arsenault-Howick
2013 Denis Vachon, Shelley Lefler and Maria Busato
2014 Chris Foo
2015  Jen Nedgial, Suzie Owen
2016  Eva Sokol
2017 Dawn Izzard
2018 Graeme Huffman, Linda Massel, Lindsay Whiting
2019 Kathy Crawford, Sandra Floyd, Jocelyne Legault, Irena Nechaevski
2020 Kathy Kline
2023 Cristina Bontas-Tantaru

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