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*The CANGYM Program is currently undergoing a complete program revitalization.  Gymnastics Ontario will provide information to member clubs as it is available from Gymnastics Canada.



*NEW* CANGYM Program:

Starting September 15, 2023 – The free CanGym pilot subscription will end, and a new CanGym subscription will be required with a yearly fee.  The subscription is for access to the CanGym Active Start program.  All other CanGym modules are still in development.


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2008 CANGYM materials (manual and badges):

  • MANUAL: no longer available in hardcopy; Member clubs can receive access to the digital materials free of charge (e-mail for access).
  • BADGES: Member clubs can order directly from the Gymnastics Canada store
  • Please note that Level 1 Burgundy badges are out of stock – e-mail for an alternative to the Level 1 Burgundy badges.
  • Please note that Level 2 Red badges are out of stock – at this time there is no alternative available for the Level 2 Red badges.


2008 CANGYM Program information:

The CANGYM National Badge Program is Gymnastics Canada’s National Skill Development and Evaluation program for Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. This program is intended for use with participants of varying abilities aged 6 and older, including beginner level participants through to entry level competitive gymnasts. Utilizing the CANGYM badge program allows participants, coaches, and parents to monitor progress in addition to being a motivational tool for athletes.


The CANGYM program includes 3 levels (Bronze, Silver & Gold) of skill progressions based on Gymnastics Canada’s FUN, FITNESS and FUNDAMENTALS Educational Philosophy, which helps to create a friendly and stimulating environment for all participants. Each level consists of 4 badges for a total of 12 different coloured badges that participants receive upon successful completion of that badge. Within the Bronze level there is a focus on mastering fundamental movement patterns. Within the Silver level, the focus is on mastering fundamental skills on Men’s and Women’s Artistic apparatus, while the Gold level focusing on mastering the identified target skills.


The CANGYM Program binder is bilingual and comes complete with 5 distinct badge description sections outlining the skills in each level, and also includes original Participant Evaluation Forms and Progress Reports, along with Certificates of Participation and Completion that can be given to the participants. In addition, the CANGYM program includes a selection of Sample Coach’s comments and Routines which coaches can utilize near the end of the term. This program can be adapted to a wide variety of age groups and abilities, and, paired with an enthusiastic coaching staff will help your club develop skilled and confident gymnasts.