Cara Kate Lodoen, Silhouettes of York Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, Receives Lil Babineau Club Builder Award

Since 2016 Kate has served in several roles on the Board of Directors – registrar, vice president and club president.


Kate has a passion for gymnastics, takes volunteering to a whole new level and goes above and beyond to build the best gymnastics club for athletes and coaches alike.  She is very generous with her personal time, always gives 110% and rises to any challenge.


Virtually single handedly, Kate organized and coordinated the club’s invitational RG competitions for two years in a row.  She ensured all volunteer roles were filled and jobs were done as required.  By running the competitions as smoothly and efficiently as only Kate could, the club was guaranteed excellent participation and tremendous overall success.


Another great example of Kate’s dedication to our club is that she was the lead organizer of the group of volunteers for bingo fund raising.  Through Kate’s untiring efforts, the club met and far exceeded its funding goals.


Kate introduced new improved procedures and administrative processes in running the club when she was elected president two years ago.  A true advocate of Silhouettes of York, Kate showed initiative in attracting new gymnasts, increasing the club’s media exposure and community involvement.


In the beginning of the 2019-2020 season, the club had a rough start with rental facility permits being canceled due to a teachers’ strike.  Kate ensured no interruption in the gymnasts training by managing to secure alternative gym rental space from commercial landlords on very short notice.


COVID 19 virtually halted all gymnastics training and competitions across the globe.  It was Kate’s responsibility to monitor the situation and to create an unprecedented on-line training system to be implemented as soon as it was permitted.  Coaches and gymnasts were amazed at the final product.


Kate continues to demonstrate both skill and dedication in volunteering for the club.