Christine Hutchinson, Bluewater Gymnastics Club, Receives Lil Babineau Club Builder Award

Christine started her journey with Bluewater Gymnastics Club while training in recreational gymnastics in her younger years and then competing during high school on the USA circuit, in Michigan, Ohio and New York.  She then moved onto Brock University as a member of the gymnastics team.


In 2004 Christine returned to Bluewater with her children Connor, Mak and Erynn, and was the passion behind starting boys’ gymnastics for her son and his friends.  Christine is an NCCP Coach specializing in Level 2 artistic and trampoline.  Christine and her husband Brad have been supportive parents to competitive athlete Erynn for over 15 years.


Christine has served many roles in our club as a parent volunteer for over 15 years – as a board member, fundraising and events committee member, club sports wear organizer and, most recently, the volunteer tracking lead for all families.  Bluewater Gymnastic Club is a successful not for profit club with a strong volunteer board and committee structure, and is widely recognized for its athletic achievements over many years.  This, in part, is a result of committed parent volunteers like Christine Hutchinson.


Christine also served in an advisory role assisting athletes and families with their new volunteer roles.  Because of caring and passionate individuals like Christine the club will continue to grow and succeed well into the future.