1. For level 3C ( as per wording in the rules, and confirmed with working group in charge)
a) Level 3C arabesque balance must start from releve – start from flat foot and rise to releve after – difficulty does not count.
b) A wave after arabesque is a part of the whole difficulty. If a wave was performed, but was not counted – balance still counts (even if a judge considers a wave technique to be unsatisfactory).
c) Passe turn must be 720 and more to be counted.
2. Fundamental vs non-fundamental: in the levels that follow FIG rules coaches must pay attention to the numbers ( many were either 50%-50% exactly or even more non fundamental than fundamental) – big deduction for the athletes.
3. Manipulation on the difficulties must be different. On the script symbol can be same, but judges must note to themselves make sure that technique is different (passing, unstable and so on). There were instances of exactly same manipulation being used on few body difficulties – in that case difficulty does not count.
4. Throws for DER must be different. Coaches to check. Judges must pay attention.
5. Repetition of rotation under the throw.  If Athletes perform chaínée twice in the routine ( many times one of those were poorly performed coup de pied)- coaches to fix, judges to look for – DER doesn’t count
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