Cristina Bontas-Tantaru – Gymnastics Ontario Recognition Award

Cristina has been a co-owner and administrator of World Class Gymnastics for the past 20 years.


In 2012 she introduced aerobic gymnastics into the club’s recreational programming.  That same year, she hosting an NCCP aerobics coaching foundations course.  For several years, she has initiated the aerobic athletes involvement in Gymnastraeda events in Ajax, Hamilton and most recently in Oshawa 2023.  She has encouraged aerobics demonstrations at WAG and Masters competitions in St. Catharines and Oakville as ways to promote the discipline.


Cristina has been instrumental in the development of the club’s aerobics competitive program leading the WCG delegation at the ANAC International Aerobics Championships and World Age Group Championship.


Over the past 10 years she has supported the development of judges and coaches in the sport by hosting aerobic yearly judges clinics/workshops and through athlete enrolment in the NCCP.


Since 2013 Cristina has been an active member and is now co-chair of the Aerobics Technical Committee.  She constantly seeks to promote the sport  to develop aerobic athletes through competitive opportunities and to encourage their continued involvement in the sport.