NCCP Level 2

Level 2 certification components:

  • Respect in Sport:
  • MED Online Evaluation (Competition – Introduction):
  • Theory Modules:
    1. Design a Sport Program
    2. Basic Mental Skills
    3. Teaching and Learning
    4. Nutrition (required if trained under the updated NCCP Foundations Theory rather than the old Level 1 Theory)
  • Technical
  • Practical


Coaches must be 16 years of age and have been trained under Gymnastics Foundations (or certified in NCCP Level 1) to begin Level 2 certification.

Theory Modules for Level 2

The Competition-Introduction content is covered in three modules titled, “Teaching and Learning”, “Design a Sport Program” and “Basic Mental Skills”.

It is recommended for coaches to complete Competition Introduction modules prior to the start of Level 2 Technical course.

The modules can be completed through Gymnastics Ontario’s Competition Introduction Theory Online course, or through the Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO). To find the closest course in your area please visit Coaches Association of Ontario at or by phone at 1-888-NCCP-ONT

Discipline Specific Technical Course

The technical courses cover Level 2 specific skills for each discipline (Trampoline and Rhythmic). Women’s and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics training courses have transferred over to the new NCCP Competition Stream.


Following completion of the theory and technical courses, coaches must complete the practical requirement to become certified Level 2. The practical component is a log of Level 2 coaching hours completed after attending the Level 2 technical course. Hours must be completed in Gymnastics Ontario member club under Gymnastics Ontario member coach.

Required Number of Hours

  • 200 hours for women’s and men’s artistic
  • 150 hours for trampoline along with current First Aid certificate
  • 60 hours for rhythmic

The coach must submit the completed Level 2 practical record form to Gymnastics Ontario

Becoming Certified

A coach is certified once they have completed all required Level 2 components: Level 2 theory modules, MED Online Evaluation (Competition Introduction), Respect in Sport modules, Technical course and Practical hours. A Coach ID is the easiest way to verify your certified status. You can apply for a coach ID here. For help accessing your coach ID on Uplifter, please visit the NCCP help page.

Exemption/Mentorship Opportunities

Coach Exemption or Mentorship letters may be requested by emailing the Education Program Manager ( Proof that coaches are nearing completion of their Certification at a competition level of coaching must be shown in order to be considered for Exemption or Mentorship. Requests must be submitted a minimum of 5 business days prior to the start of the competition and should include the coach’s full name (as it appears in the Locker), NCCP number, training/certification level to date, competition location/date/discipline that the exemption/mentorship opportunity pertains to.

Resources and Forms

Upcoming coaching courses

Practical Form – Level 2 Women’s Artistic

Practical Form – Level 2 Men’s Artistic

Practical Form – Level 2 Trampoline

Practical Form – Level 2 Rhythmic

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