Gymnastics Foundations Evaluation Process


There is a final component to completing the Gymnastics Foundations certification: an evaluation of the coach. Once a coach has completed the three (3) Gymnastics Foundations courses (GF Intro, GF Theory and GF Discipline specific course) and the Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation, the coach may request to be evaluated. Successful completion of the evaluation will complete a coach’s Gymnastics Foundations certification.


If you do not have access to a trained Coach Evaluator through your club, you can contact the Education Program Manager in order to find a Coach Evaluator in your area. Please do not send Coach Portfolio to Gymnastics Ontario. All Coach Evaluation package material should be sent directly to the Coach Evaluator that you are working with.  Note that there is a suggested fee for Coach Evaluation, but all fees will be agreed upon between the Coach Evaluator and Coach.


Please Note: there is no time requirement between the coach taking becoming GF Trained and completing the GF Evaluation. However, the coach MUST complete their coaching portfolio prior to the evaluation, which does take time to put together.


Coach Evaluators (CE)

The Evaluator’s responsibilities are as follows:


Prior to the Evaluation


  • Review the coach portfolio to ensure it is properly completed (detailed portfolio content requirements are available in the “Evaluator’s Guide”)
  • Detailed pre-brief between CE and Coach

During the Evaluation and Follow Up


  • observe the coach while he/she actively coaches a class/lesson (on-site or video submission)
  • conduct a debriefing session with the coach and design an action plan to assist the coach in developing long and short term goals
  • send a COPY of the following pages to Gymnastics Ontario (the coach should retain the ORIGINALS):
    • The “For GO Submission Page” (Final 3 pages of the package)
    • Please do NOT send the ENTIRE package, just send the requested pages
    • Gymnastics Ontario requires the above pages of the “Coach Evaluation” package in order to process the coach’s certification in the Locker


Coach Evaluators must be formally trained to perform Coach Evaluations. Evaluations submitted by an unqualified individual will not be accepted by the GO office.


Click here for more information on the Coach Evaluator Training process.


If you have any questions or concerns about the Gymnastics Foundations Evaluation Process, please contact Education Program Manager at

Coach Evaluation Packages


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