Judge Education

A judge shall demonstrate professionalism and responsibility to the sport and shall demonstrate respect for all members of Gymnastics Ontario.

MAG Mentoring Program

It is not possible or practical to outline guidelines for each and every situation which may occur. In cases where a specific rule does not exist, the judge(s) is expected to exercise common sense, practice courtesy and show respect in all decisions. Any such situation should be noted in the Competition Chief Judge Competition Report and will be forwarded to the Judging Sub-Committee for a discussion if necessary.


Judges play a critical role in establishing the environment at all competitions. This environment should be safe, fair, positive, relaxed and friendly. The following guidelines will assist in establishing and maintaining the appropriate environment.

Judges are expected :

  • To respect the needs of each club, coach, gymnast and other judges.
  • To arrive at the judges meetings on time and in judging uniform.
  • To be knowledgeable and to understand the rules and regulations governing competitions.
  • To be prepared for each specific judging assignment.
  • To be certain that both coaches and gymnasts are present before the warm-up begins.
  • To greet gymnasts on arrival at each event.
  • To acknowledge gymnasts with eye contact at the beginning and end of each routine.
  • To work quickly and accurately to produce a score, and to be prepared to justify that score with reference to current documentation.
  • To be a cooperative member of the judging panel.
  • To be unbiased, fair and impartial in scoring.

All registered Gymnastics Ontario Judges are required to sign the Gymnastics Ontario Code of Conduct for Judges each competitive season to acknowledge their understanding and adherence to the Gymnastics Ontario Professional and Operational Guidelines for judges.

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