Meet Directors


It is the responsibility of Gymnastics Ontario (GO) to sanction professionally organized and safe competitions which provide optimal conditions for the athlete.  GO is also responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of policies and procedures to ensure effective management of events hosted in Ontario.


To achieve its mandate, GO has made it a yearly objective to train volunteers in the hosting and organization of sanctioned events across the province through the Meet Directors’ Workshop.


The hosting of competitions whether international, national, provincial, interclub or school level uses the same basic principles.  This course is designed for clubs hosting gymnastics events of all levels in Ontario.  Meet Directors should come prepared to the Meet Directors Course with a comprehensive understanding of the competition rules for the event being hosted.


The competition rules for each GO discipline are found in the discipline-specific Technical Rules and Regulations.  Each of these documents is updated on a yearly basis and should be treated as a supplement to the information contained herein.  Clarification on information listed within the competition rules may be obtained from the GO Technical Staff.


Updated 2023/10/23

2023-2024 Meet Directors’ Manual

2023-2024 Meet Directors’ Course Power Point Presentation

2023-2024 Meet Directors’ Course – WAG – Power Point Presentation

2023-2024 KSIS Manual

2023-2024 KSIS Online Course


*Updated 2019

Appendix A – Sample Scripts

Appendix B – Sample Press Release

Please see discipline specific Competition Hosting page for more information.



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